Multinational shop market to open big dollar crazy earn

online shop, is no longer unfamiliar words, with the Internet increasingly involved in our lives, for our lives to bring more convenience, online shop has become a new trend, open a new market! Open transnational shop, let you make a great deal of money!

white-collar online shop part-time is not what happens, however, the recent trend of a "transnational shop" to earn dollars. The wholesale price of 90 yuan thermal underwear to sell for $70, the purchase price of 10 yuan cap can be sold for $9, higher than the domestic sales of a large portion of the profits so many small sellers have sprouted the idea of "sea".

to miss these days of leisure time is spent on the translation of product description. She is planning to open an online shop selling artificial crystal ornaments on eBay, an online shopping platform for overseas markets. Previously, she has a similar jewelry shop in Taobao, but the fierce competition and the price war that her business is more and more light, "if you want to sell something, it is necessary to keep the prices down, but I only work part-time white-collar workers, not manufacturers or wholesalers, not what the product price advantage". However, in the international online shopping platform, made in China, the price advantage seems to be more easily converted into a small seller’s profits. "I’ve seen a pendant of a crystal bear on Taobao with a price of 14 yuan, but the retail price on eBay can reach $39, minus the cost of shipping costs, profits can be around $30. You can make a lot of money by selling a few dollars a month." Miss Yu told reporters that she has a lot of friends working in foreign invested enterprises have now become international "profiteers" attempt in Alibaba or Taobao group in some low-priced products, and through the international shopping website sales to foreign buyers, earn the difference.


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