Rainstorm reflects the true Baidu Nuomi Wuhan 10000 hotels live free

these days, the impact of the rainstorm in Wuhan news has been scraper, allow people to the city people’s lives worried. Days of torrential rain brought a serious impact on the lives of the people in Wuhan, Hubei Province vegetable producing areas of farmland were flooded the greenhouse, vegetable production, harvesting and transportation have had a greater impact, the current supply of vegetables mainly rely on other provinces, logistics and labor costs are on the rise.

, according to data provided by the meteorological department, from June 30th to July 6th, the current round of heavy rainfall has accumulated down 560.5 mm, breaking the maximum monthly rainfall since its own meteorological records in Wuhan.

affected by this, not only is the daily necessities, traffic is the hardest hit. Under continuous heavy rain impact, Wuhan City waterlogging serious urban traffic paralysis, a number of subway stations were occupied from the underground garage flooded. For a time, the whole network is Wuhan rainstorm message scraper.

in this context, the major companies have a variety of actions to support the love of the people of Wuhan, where the life of the service platform Baidu Nuomi O2O, the first time to open 10000 hotels in Wuhan free living activities. Covering more than 1700 Popular Hotels in Wuhan’s 13 districts, a total of 10000 hotels for free.

it is understood that in July 6th 7, two days, Baidu Nuomi hotel offers 10000 free love hotel in Wuhan, where a "love 1 room" label Hotel, 1 yuan can be booked, leaving the store, 1 yuan will be returned to the account. Up to now, many affected people in Wuhan have been admitted to the free hotel through Baidu Nuomi.

"this is more useful than how many ads!" One admitted to the free hotel users humor is not lost, said excitedly, the so-called dangerous moment to see the truth, that is!"

, in fact, I was going to find a hotel to live, did not expect to open the glutinous rice software, directly on the page to see the emergency Wuhan, went in and found a free hotel!" A user said, "good luck, I think we will be able to tide over the difficulties."

to participate in the activities of the love new beacon Wuhan hotel official said, "as Wuhan, this time to respond to the call of Baidu Nuomi, together for the hometown compatriots do something very pleased, we have been partners to stick to their posts, to overcome the difficulties."

it is reported that Baidu Nuomi has always insisted on public welfare return to society, has repeatedly to help groups need help hand. In May this year, Guangdong Xuwen pineapple unmarketable, help farmers get harvest, Baidu Nuomi out of trouble; the same month, Baidu Nuomi teamed up with Baidu foundation, Chinese poverty alleviation fund launched the "rice day – for the love of the room, I will pay attention to poverty", recommended

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