Wang Junwei goldfish business year earned hundreds of thousands

ornamental goldfish, which is a lot of people are very familiar with, however, through the cultivation of such items to get rich is not much, Wang Junwei is a member of the success. Twelve years ago, found the opportunity to watch the goldfish Qiaoxiao work in the south of the city of Pingdingshan Cao Zhen Cao Zhanhe District West Village Wang Junwei, decided to return home and start goldfish breeding venture in White Lake, get rich road.

in his drive and under the influence of a dozen villagers on the breeding of ornamental fish has become a village Cao build up the family fortunes, both inside and outside the province famous ornamental fish breeding base. In the past, relying entirely on the history of the history of goldfish watching from the south, in the hinterland of the Central Plains of Pingdingshan has been broken, was listed as Henan advanced science demonstration base.

11 2, the reporter went to the village of Cao, met with Yang Lianyu, a dealer from Anyang signed a contract for the completion of the end of the goldfish supply and marketing of goldfish,, Wang Junwei. He told reporters, every year, from their ornamental fish breeding base to Beijing, Tianjin, Xi’an, Zhengzhou and other places of tens of millions of small goldfish tail, and the net income of farmers per year in 100 thousand yuan.

worked in business opportunities to return home to raise goldfish

Wang Junwei and the villagers before raising goldfish in 2005, he and several fellow workers in an electronics factory in Guangzhou. At that time, Wang Junwei was 34 years old.

one day, Wang Junwei and fellow workers off the outskirts of Guangzhou to the goldfish market. The colorful shapes of goldfish attracted Wang Junwei, heard that these small goldfish each price from tens of dollars a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars, and the sales volume is very large, he thought of his home near the White Lake, with abundant water resources, if the venture into the home, not a benefit of the neighbors a good thing?

Wang Junwei proposed his idea to sell goldfish boss immediately, the other was ridiculed: "you still call your work, it is not in your hometown of grass carp!" The villagers also said with a smile: "let’s go! I only heard that there are fish home, I have not heard of goldfish." But stubborn Wang Junwei or decided to personally try, he quit his job, in Guangzhou to find a goldfish breeding base, as an apprentice. Nearly a year, Wang Junwei gradually mastered the key technology of goldfish breeding.

By the end of

2005, Wang Junwei with his own ten thousand goldfish seedlings back home. At the door of a acres of fish ponds after half a year, the original grain size of the small goldfish have long finger length, watching the crowds in brightly coloured goldfish pond tail, Wang Junwei was indescribably happy.

, however, at this time, the goldfish began to fall ill, first belly drum, and then turn over, but also some of the rotten spots appear on goldfish. Although experienced more than a month recommended

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