An Dongsheng unusual but the secret of success

behind the glory of success, is piled up by countless tears and sweat, never missing a Denver Internet dream of people in the world, although behind today’s entrepreneurial tide numerous hidden dangers, there are still people every day into the rush to the fore wave of entrepreneurship, stumbled to entrepreneurship, finally suddenly in doubts: I how to go to a business? How do I do this?


business for many years, many students have asked me about the same question: "teacher, do poineering work now so fire, whether I should start your own career?" especially the year outbreak in 2014 micro business business boom, the average daily every day I received 5 calls, they is asking me: "teacher, micro entrepreneurs, what to do? If I give up now work to business, success can really


competition since ancient times is the nature of the law of survival, although mankind has been very strong, but in this law exist in nature, evolution, countless animal are extinct, in the most glorious era of the dinosaurs, dinosaurs can almost be said to be in nature or imperial overlord finally, it is difficult to escape the fate of death.

Why is

so powerful as dinosaurs that it is hard to escape the fate of death?

small mouth, this is the most important huge dinosaur characteristics, big body means dinosaurs to a huge number of food intake every day, can provide enough energy for the growth of the body, the small mouth, dinosaurs can not stop eating. If the natural resources are abundant, small number of dinosaurs, naturally can meet the need of dinosaur growth, once the natural resources began to decrease, the number of dinosaurs constantly multiply when, between them the survival competition will become more serious.

by the extinction of the dinosaurs we can find an astonishing fact: the survival status and the dinosaur entrepreneurs today have different approaches but equally satisfactory results, especially in today’s fierce market competition, if enterprises continue to like the dinosaurs could not adapt to the environment, eventually it will be difficult to survive and develop, the Dinosaurs extinction should become the enterprise development.

, of course, not all businesses will face the risk of failure, here I simply said the reason about the failure of enterprises, many people who want to start, has not started, I will start to worry about: business failure? I should choose what kind of project to start


so that the idea of entrepreneurs into a morbid thinking, why is it morbid thinking?


into this dilemma, they think in the heart, wisdom is born, your success is just only a way to prove your ability, the proof will be confirmed every thing in the future, this kind of thinking people always think that life can not make mistakes, mistakes are proof of failure. It also means you are not smart or >

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