What are profitable projects in the automotive industry

what are the profitable projects in the automotive industry? I believe that many investors are very concerned about this issue, after all, people now buy a car every day, the industry’s huge business can not be ignored.


road car treasure cat

the beginning, Bai Ji car company in cooperation with Japan’s famous automotive supplies giant PROSTAFF Corporation, launched a series of safe and comfortable driving products, and through the Chinese safe quality of underwriting, reputation in the domestic. With the rapid development of the automotive market, the company has been expanding, the business extends to the automotive electronics industry, with well-known enterprises, patent cooperation in the country has launched a series of automotive electronics.

two, car maintenance force

2011, Hanwei technology and many car market after the company reached a strategic cooperation, the construction of expensive national auto repair industry deepen! The direct market of nearly more than and 200, car maintenance force to join the exclusive distributor of nearly more than and 100. In strict accordance with the store shop, shop in the cabinet and terminal experiential marketing that 4V+2 mode of operation, the success rate of up to 95%.

three, and drift car seat

and drift car seat through the national verification of 4 patents, according to the content of science and technology, human comfort and health tests developed "back Shu air cushion".

drift and car cushion, the back cushion air conditioning research Yau Shu "into the process of an exclusive patent balloon" for your backing "design, the function of the air bag is back pressure for the driver can distribute the air in the air according to the human body and the cushion airbag and slight vibration to quickly adjust the foundation area the body, from the recommended

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