Which generation venture has fought

recently read about 80 after the start of the article in the online, personally feel that some journalists or writers, commentators, business managers and bosses in the description and analysis of the phenomenon in general is difficult to avoid the occurrence of "see only a small part" problem, either demoted, either praise, or "top hat", or "shouting", felt it necessary to witness the identity of some words, to advocate some viewpoints and rights.

by low-key operation last March, visited more than 40 such brothers and sisters. For such a business group of ecology, career, life, the dream has a basic understanding and grasp, and this one, the author himself was playing the role of the 80 generation of grassroots managers role.

80 entrepreneurs starting from many high-tech fields, especially in the Internet, such as online games, video, e-commerce portal, etc.; the garage business has been rare, most from the beginning to rent a relatively formal office, even though there is no formal room office, at least in a kind of incubator, has several office station, whether it is becoming a new phenomenon of entrepreneurship, the hardware is at least 60, can make nothing of it, the 70 generation of entrepreneurship, has become a common phenomenon in the office. Not only that, SOHO, studio entrepreneurship is more common, especially the domestic company registration policy gradually liberalized.

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