The future of these furniture companies are more popular

furniture industry is facing a new reshuffle, many people are concerned about the industry, furniture business owners also hope to seize the opportunity to make their own brands become more powerful. Furniture enterprises in the future which can survive? This is every furniture business owners are concerned about the problem. Every age has its own all-powerful hero, the furniture industry is also true.

later, Guangdong furniture comprehensive victory over the furniture raging like a storm, the state-owned enterprises, the rapid occupation of the national furniture market, Guangdong furniture has a brilliant achievement. Today, Guangdong furniture also left the old foundation.

2001, China joined the world trade organization, since then, China manufacturing time almost become synonymous with the world manufacturing, South Chinese became the world factory, to provide global big furniture, household appliances, small lighters all the necessities of life, taking advantage of Chinese jump on the second position in the world, China really sleeping lion wake up.

2010 years, China has encountered the same old problem as the world power: human resources began to lack, rising labor costs, manufacturing overcapacity, emerging rich countries compete for low-end manufacturing share.

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