How to run sushi stores to master these points


sushi this kind of food appears more and more frequently in people’s life, gradually changed people’s diet structure. Many businesses want to invest in the industry of the project, but the way to run sushi shop is not very proficient. Today Xiaobian for everyone here to resolve.

1, opened in big cities

2, choose a good place

countless experience will tell you the location should be in the flow of local shop, what street ah, ah, ah, the school office building. But in fact, the most important thing is not how good the environment, Xiao Bian had seen only a few square meters stalls stalls sushi shop, narrow aisles filled with people, every day is so. We went to a small corner to wait to buy sushi, not the absolute environment. It is mainly because it is close to the pedestrian street, and then really cheap, a lot of good taste, in line with the requirements of all people, and are now selling, fast. Even if there are so many people in the queue, sushi division and play a little sister, and so on all the staff are very calm, playing a little sister will be one by one to ask, smiled, saying that if you can not wait to get back. So many people are the first to go there and then go shopping, go home to pick up the home on the line.

3, find a good employee

4, do the most beautiful food

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