How to manage new cigarette

has a high visibility of the cigarette products is good business, worry more in the market, however, is that profits have been transparent, and it will also have a limited supply, so the new cigarette will continue to be put on the market. However, these new cigarettes how to operate, but also has become a problem. "The introduction of new cigarettes can better meet the diverse needs of consumers, rich in store tobacco varieties. As long as the master of new products, sales and service, deep knowledge of clever presentation of odd, can get higher new cigarette." When it comes to the new cigarette business experience, the north city of Linyi Jin Zhuang Jiuhang owner Han Zongxia said.

understand the new product to be "deep". Han Zongxia every time after the completion of the training of tobacco companies, will be dedicated to their own staff training, focusing on the cultivation of new cigarettes skills, so that every clerk can master. Tobacco companies as long as there are new products, Han Zongxia will order, no one I have, I have excellent people is her business philosophy. Han Zongxia believes that the new brand, new specifications can increase the attractiveness of the customer to meet the customer’s curiosity, and then make the customer look for her shop, come back to her shop.

brand display to "odd". In the display terminal, Han Zongxia of the new cigarette "open special treatment", next to the cash register set up eye-catching new brand promotion, experience in the customer also put new cigarette for customers to taste. At the same time, she also set up a new cigarette counters, cigarette display will be based on different themes for the display. These creative exhibition not only changed the monotonous image, but also promote the new cigarette sales.

sales service to "qiao". Han Zongxia will be placed in the store’s new cigarette counter tips, timely release of new cigarette supply information, so that customers know. She also wrote on the POP stickers, the owner of the word to attract consumers to choose new cigarettes. In addition, she also printed a strong and beautiful handbag, just under two cigarettes, convenient for customers to carry and give friends and relatives. These small ideas are very popular with customers, but also to bring more business opportunities for Han Zongxia.

now has a lot of smoke Hotel will continue to enter the new cigarette, but how to sell has become a problem plagued these operators. So, with the contents of the above mentioned, if your shop is now subject to such a problem, you know how to operate it?

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