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third global mobile Internet development creative contest Chengdu Railway Station successfully held

August 18, 2016, the third global Internet development creative competition Chengdu Railway Station in Chengdu century InterContinental Hotel successfully held. Chengdu Railway Station to entrepreneurship: Eco entertainment as the theme, through the global cooperation and cooperation of the game plan, designed to attract outstanding domestic and foreign APP development of individuals, teams and enterprises to participate. Competition will provide capital docking, as well as the localization of the necessary hardware and software resources, such as a full range of support for more mobile Internet Ecosystem of individuals, teams and enterprises to provide quality services.

Chengdu Municipal People’s government assistant mayor Han Chunlin IDG, executive vice president, global IDG Capital Partners founder Xiong Xiaoge, IDC Chinese District President Huo Jinjie Xu Zhou, vice president of IDG Asia, vice president of IDG capital Tong Chen and other VCs guests and industry experts, representatives of well-known enterprises, 30 players, 100 media, 500 for the audience attended the event. On the mobile Internet APP application development direction, development skills, marketing and other aspects of the project and the developer team conducted in-depth guidance and comments.

Chengdu Railway Station competition in Chengdu City People’s Government mayor assistant Han Chunlin and IDG global executive vice president, IDG capital partners, founder of the speech in the curtain opened in. Han Chunlin said that Chengdu is a city of innovation, entrepreneurship and innovation atmosphere everywhere also makes the mobile Internet industry in Chengdu has achieved rapid development in the past five years, the mobile Internet has become a new name card of Chengdu. And Xiong Xiaoge said, the global mobile Internet development contest today has carried out three times, through the competition platform, new ideas and new thinking, we explore together with many developers and exchange of mobile Internet application development. The IDG will continue to provide a full range of support for developers, so that the global mobile Internet development creative contest as they show themselves, to achieve the dream platform.

IDC Huo Jinjie, President of China’s capital and IDG, vice president of the morning after the wonderful lecture, the contest officially entered the project roadshow evaluation link. Shortlisted project conducted a live roadshow, and subsequently accepted the presence of the judges of the professional review and guidance. Finally, the AR won the talent shows itself, the Chengdu Railway Station champion, Goku and odd shadow gaming won the runner up and second runner up. After the roadshow experience sharing links, beautiful & CEO Shao Guoguang is the founder of innovation; the players and the audience to share the experience and method of business process, the organizers invited the second session of the global mobile Internet development contest champion project Chengdu Railway Station winner, founder of iCreator & CEO is also on the subsequent development process project and bring their own story company share, for the future development of many developers, entrepreneurs to provide the help and direction.

global mobile Internet development creative contest started in 2014 so far, the contest has been in the country, and even the world

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