How to design Teahouse

teahouse is a place for many people to relax, with the improvement of people’s living standards, many people have begun to go to the teahouse to relax, open tea shop has become a good choice. So, how to design tea to attract customers? Xiao Bian introduced.

first, the atmosphere of foil. In general, the customer into the teahouse in order to pass the time, is hoping to relax, enjoy a moment of pleasure. For them, there can be a place for friends gathering, stimulate the friendship a trickle flow; can also unlock barriers, let all the knot and fast dissolve in tea. Here, everyone likes to have a cup of tea. How to design teahouse? Therefore, it is particularly important to create a teahouse atmosphere, and one of the key factors is the music. It seems from the most classical music teahouse, choose more, let people body, heart, love, mixed together with all sorts of aroma into cadence, intriguing zither rhyme. Attention should be paid not to put too much, of course, do not be too small, as long as it can give people a relaxed feeling, and will not affect the customer talk. In addition to the operators should design become the tastes of the place, not only can make the consumer have Guests feel at home. feeling, but also can make the staff understand the taste of home.

second, lighting decoration. Lighting color, shape and space, can create a harmonious atmosphere. The teahouse design, such as the selection of novel and attractive chandelier, styles may have a great influence on the overall environment, not only increase the aesthetic effect in the space, at the same time spend time drinkers also play a role in softening the harmonic. How to design teahouse? The same room should keep a variety of lighting color or style of close coordination, such as wood, wooden cabinet, wooden wall top restaurants fit rectangular wooden lamps, with paper products suitable for elliptical floor light tea paper. Pleasing layout can increase the energy of the whole space, enhance the operator’s fortune.

third, the choice of decorative painting. Many people love paintings to decorate space, in order to beauty, but the paintings should pay attention: the painted picture display is ferocious beast, so as not to bring a sense of terror; how to design the teahouse? The color is too deep or too much black pictures hanging, because these pictures seem too heavy, make people depressed, lack of enthusiasm; a mysterious sense of the picture don’t hang up, so as not to let people relax, but caused by the tension of thinking. In fact, as long as the screen color is simple, give a calm, practical feeling, so that consumers can feel the quiet atmosphere, enough.

fourth, highlighting the cultural atmosphere. Teahouse is a very important cultural atmosphere, so the teahouse design must be able to fully reflect the culture of tea. This is not hanging on the celebrity calligraphy so simple, either from the decoration decoration, pattern structure, or tea tea, tea should be >

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