Not everyone is fit for business

if you want to start a business, want to be in line with the current business environment, embark on the road of entrepreneurship, then, in the real embarked on such a road before, you have to understand, you really can meet the business? Here, Xiaobian need to emphasize, not everyone is suitable for business oh.

in my opinion, people can be divided into two categories: Knight type and team type. Knight like people like to go alone, suitable for art, engineers and other work. Team oriented people who work in a team, about 1% of them are leaders, about 9% of the cadres, suitable to follow the leadership of the leadership team, while only suitable for the masses of the people of 90%.

leaders and cadres are suitable for entrepreneurship, but the entrepreneurial leader must be a leader.

the success probability of successful workers is not higher than other people, or even lower, because the ability of entrepreneurs and workers are completely different, or even the opposite.

first of all, the ability of successful workers is not as strong as they think they are. Working in large enterprises, especially in foreign companies, requires you to master the process can be, everything has the relevant departments to support. So, in fact, you do not get the results of your ability to give, but more is the result of the system. You can do it because of the brand on your head, and the powerful company system behind you, not your own ability. Once you leave that company, you may be nothing.

secondly, the ability to work and work needs to be completely different. As long as you do a good job in that part of your link, and entrepreneurship needs to do a good job overall.

in the end, they often lack the sense of process. It is also often made even if successful entrepreneurs start again, past success often brings them a very good sense of self, that his ability is very strong, as the hands of a lot of resources, disdain in details and things, can expect rapid success. These are very harmful, even fatal, in the process of starting a new venture. If the adjustment is not good, the success of the past is the cause of failure.

entrepreneurs need some innate qualities

entrepreneurs need some traits that are largely innate. " if you die tomorrow, do you want to start a business today? " if your answer is yes, then you’re born to start a business.

had to admit that a lot of people actually have a "gift", the entrepreneurial spirit is born to love many people do not have, and this is precisely the struggle spirit of adventure, many people do not have. If a person

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