Stationery store to be careful what traps

now a shop business can have the skills of learning, will also have a lot of traps, so if you want to run a successful shop, also need to pay attention to the natural trap, so as not to let their efforts are in vain. So, stationery store to be careful what traps? Let Xiaobian for you to analyze.

trap one: are cheap to blame

case: a lot of stationery shop owner on a lot of cheap goods, thinking of the low cost of these goods, in any case can make more money. But trouble comes. How much cheaper to buy some, but always feel less and less students. Asked a few often come to the students, it is because of the original store to sell cheap products to squeeze into the corner, some students did not find a moment, went to the store to buy the next.

This is more than

, this batch of cheap goods to Industrial and Commercial Bureau comrade "offend" came, the original famous parents complain, stationery shop in Zhang boss, bought a box of pens, 8 results are not written, there are two ink leakage and required to produce the brand product quality inspection report, Zhang contact the supplier in the old Lee, but Lee said the manufacturers did not provide.

analysis: product quality is the fundamental business, a single look at the product purchase price is cheap, but the loss of consumers and long-term profits! The stationery product quality is not good, shop location is good, the promotion method of fancy, business is not good, or even to get a lot of trouble.

trap two: free shipping containers, in the end worth

case: boss Wang’s shop just opened, A stationery salesman came to the door, can provide free shelves, but Wang’s boss, free to send several shelves and a penholder, and a batch of goods, the shelves were filled with. After a period of time, Lee boss found, A stationery products in addition to a few sell well, other products are loaded. Contact A stationery salesman said there are provisions in the agreement can not be removed from the container, which makes Lee boss caught in a dilemma.

a few months later, with the help of the sales staff, the store re display of the product, the boss Wang began to improve business, business day after day.

analysis: the display in the store is like land, the product is like a seed, bad seeds, planted in a good land, there will be no good harvest.

trap three: free on the product, in fact, not free

case: A stationery staff came to the shop owner sun, said A stationery hope to give the boss a few batches of goods on the shop, not only do not want money, but also promised to sell the sun boss

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