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introduction: specifically, they through a common vision, discipline is the flow of information timely, efficient, transparent, reasonable interest distribution mechanism and the high level of public exposure, to promote the development of the organization. And these aspects, it is entrepreneurial enterprises should learn.

in January last year, "Charlie weekly" terrorist bloodbath, and in November 14th last year in France Paris series of violent terrorist attacks to an article entitled "as an operating system of the Islamic" complete fire. This article refers to:

of Islam believers from birth to death, living standards have made provisions, such as when believers, whether in the deserts of North Africa or Southeast Asia Island, and the daily life of the various situations encountered will have the same rules to follow.

problem comes


ISIS has been established, there are a lot of people (including many from western countries such as Russia, Britain, France and Denmark) one after another from every corner of the world to join. A report pointed out that by the end of March 2015, there are more than 20000 foreigners joined ISIS, of which about 20% from the western countries, it is very shocking, with deep hatred and resentment. Because of the addition of ISIS does not mean, Yibudengtian or glory, splendour, wealth and rank were significantly higher in the economy. On the contrary, most of the ISIS members after joining ISIS living conditions will not be much improved, but it is likely to lose their lives. We see a British engineer, in the local live a well-off life suddenly have ample food and clothing, the developed countries give up a middle-class lifestyle, and go to the desert countries involved in the so-called Jihad, hunger, poverty, and risk of death……



because of the sense of participation

mentioned earlier, Islam to the believers from the birth to the death of the living standards have been set. You may think that the fundamentalist, extreme ISIS become aggravated madness will lead to Hindus because bear the precepts have withdrawn, they should at least be go-slow in combat. But this is not the case.

is allowed to eat meat before Buddhism, why the emperor, no meat in the China mainstream Buddhism, but do not have to change it back? We believe that the discipline of the hearts of many people to a certain extent, is a kind of spirit of human needs. If a man is not possessed by a discipline, another discipline will take possession of the land.

today’s entrepreneurial enterprises, especially technology companies, will be affected by some of the new wave of "human management" theory. We are worried about: if stressed the "discipline" in the future, the enthusiasm of the staff will not fall? As everyone knows, "discipline Qi Yongruo" is not only an important part of the enterprise process control, but also improve the employee retention rate of magic. For employees, whether an enterprise is the same as the implementation of iron discipline is to detect whether the enterprise is in the normal track >

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