Small pet body also has a big business

is now popular in every household pets, including cats and dogs. People live better, willing to put more money into the pet. With the growing number of pet owners, the relevant pet industry came into being, the investment is small but high profit so that the pet industry has been concerned, such as pet photography, pet home beauty, etc.. Ride now the pet market and catch O2O also breeds a lot of possible.

the relevant information, the pet industry in China started more than more than and 10 years, the annual output value of China’s pet industry reached 45 billion yuan, and the annual growth rate of 15%, can be described as rapid development, by 2017 or will reach 96 billion yuan. Since the relationship between pets and humans is getting closer and closer, then the business around the pet needs more human infiltration rather than simple function stack. Pet gradually become a family member, pet foster care, beauty, cleaning and other aspects of humanity.

The person in charge of a pet hotel

2015 years, O2O market continues to boom. Not only that, in the "Internet plus" strategy under the guidance of more and more industries and areas began to connect online and offline. Pet industry is also further changes in the traditional model, derived from the line to the next line of pet shops combined with online recommendation

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