How exactly for their own food and beverage brand positioning

open restaurant, in fact, to invest in any one industry, the most important is the positioning problem, including product positioning, market positioning, there is the brand positioning. So in the product of the brand positioning will have what aspects of it?

most of the catering industry, positioning the word is a fashionable slogan, even market positioning, product positioning are few people to explore and practice, not to mention the brand positioning, so the concept of confusion between the more inevitable

catering enterprises not only, even many so-called experts are not entirely clear market positioning, product positioning and brand positioning respectively, the question of what I think is that many of the confusion, the fundamental reason is that excessive interpretation of academic, the simple question complicates the typical case! A Sibelius restaurant: Xibei Village Road in the exploration of brand positioning, first under the tutelage of Trout located the northwest cuisine; and in the study of the company under Rees cook a sheep expert; finally, on his back to the surface of


Both Trout and Rees

are the founder of the location theory, the correctness of the theory but in the above suspicion doubt, the combination of theory and Practice on the road but all make a big joke, in fact, a sense of history that Marxism Leninism with the concrete practice of revolution China understand is Mao Zedong, so theory is not wrong, but with people don’t understand the specific practice, read through the crooked! Just look at the cook a sheep expert, how to look like fried chicken KFC expert


will be simple things complicated, this is some scholars have skills, complex things simple, it should be the fundamental purpose of each people, although all roads lead to Rome, but I believe that every solution will be one of the most simple way.

In fact,

, whether it is market positioning, product positioning or brand positioning, the source of its positioning is based on the judgment of the value of the customer.

Peter – Drucker once said: the enterprise is to create customers. If there is no customer, enterprises and products in fact, there is no meaning and reason. Back to the customer level, will find the market positioning, product positioning and brand positioning of the core.

therefore, a good positioning should be able to answer Drucker’s four classic proposition:

first, who are our customers?

second, what is the value of customer attention?

third, how do we make money from this business?

fourth, we provide the intrinsic value of the customer with the appropriate cost

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