There are also regional differences in Entrepreneurship in northern and southern China

entrepreneurship in recent years is very hot, people everywhere, have entrepreneurial dreams. In fact, there are regional differences in entrepreneurship, in our country, the people of the South and the North entrepreneurship is very different. What are the differences? Let’s take a look.

A, an investment friend, during a business trip in Fujian, WeChat wrote such a sentence: only came to the south, you can realize in the south, which venture to the ground, and your ability to earn money. Maybe I spent too much time in Beijing, or seen, or heard, or at a friend’s party when talking about basically are listed, millions of dollars were acquired, etc.. Therefore, when I just saw this sentence, my feelings are not very strong, in a very long time since the total, in the south is nothing more than a small business to make money. Finally there is a chance to be in Shenzhen for a long period of time, by chance, had the honor of meeting some friends, and feel the one in the north and South China entrepreneurial difference, let me start to change in understanding and ideas.

however, from the personnel composition, since 2000 after the Internet bubble burst, of which a considerable part of the talents, to stay in Beijing with the familiar software R & D, at the same time, Peking University, Tsinghua University and other domestic first-class university near Zhongguancun, which makes the software companies become more energetic. In 2009, Li Kaifu began to set up an angel investment institutions, Innovation workshop, opened an angel investment boom. Accompanied by several Internet Co have joined IT investment and acquisition circle, Beijing’s business becomes more and more passionate. These institutions help startups to solve the financial problems of the most difficult, and Zhongguancun has never lacked software talents, these factors make Beijing with risk investment funds early entrepreneurial projects, such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like from the market to take out. However, the majority of enterprises are negative asset operations, they are quietly waiting for the A round and B round of investment, or waiting to be acquired, or waiting for the final ashes.

Compared with the

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