What are the common mistakes entrepreneurship shop

entrepreneurial shop will inevitably make some mistakes in the process, there are many common errors plagued many franchisees, they continue to consult hope can be resolved. Today Xiaobian on finishing a number of wrong ideas, I hope to give consumers professional guidance.

the first quality first: Die

that the quality is everything, the product features as the target group analysis. In the cafe, for example, many people think that coffee must be the best coffee, the equipment must be better. The opponent with 200 yuan a kilogram of beans, you will use 300 yuan a kilogram of coffee; coffee machine 20 thousand yuan opponent, you should use the coffee machine 30 thousand yuan! Come close at that moment, that the reason for my failure is good because of the quality of the coffee leads to no other store the failure of


Third: lack of planning

Case: choose to do catering, is that the industry threshold is low, the risk of small pressure, fast cash return. Because of this illusion, when we take lightly, the lack of planning for the operation, so that the consumer population, the cash cycle cycle, the estimated turnover of inadequate assessment, when the risk comes, unprepared.

Fourth: the lack of understanding of the industry


position is not clear.

sixth: recommended location problem

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