Turn your hobby into a business junior boys do QiongYou annual sales of 6 million

college students entrepreneurs increased, although most people are in failure, but there are also many successful. Today, let us share one of the experience of the experience, to help you choose your business.

smile, black hair, a casual, round face is full of sunshine. First saw Zhao Kai, he first joked that ugly, black sun, will not dress up".

masons, stevedores, flyers, brother Zhao Kai is off the sofa, have above multiple identities of Zhengzhou University College of Information Engineering (South Campus) Junior, students or the outdoor travel club founder. Business for two years, he handed over more than 600 yuan turnover answer; he loves photography, self-study to the country’s photographer, in the story of "USSay" is an American documentary film production company for $300 thousand to buy the copyright.

"journey, I found that many students like me, want to go out and see, but the high cost of travel agents, travel and transportation, self accommodation and route problems." Zhao Kai told reporters Dahe, QiongYou, founder of a college tour Club dream in his heart sprout.

2014 in the summer, Zhao Kai returned to Zhengzhou began to organize the travel team, and in Zhengzhou City, Longhu Longzihu College Park as a pilot, set up college outdoor sports professional organization "love travel club", aimed at college students, specially for the tourism market of College students.

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