The name is similar to who becomes a problem more authentic

in the name of the shop, in fact, the same can be close to the big man, which is a fact that many entrepreneurs know. However, once it has developed itself, it will bring a problem to diners, I do not know which one is the beginning of the authentic sellers, such as the market is now a lot of Yonghe soybean milk. So, the name is similar, who is more authentic is really difficult to discern.

"Ningbo now has several ‘Yonghe soya bean milk’, which is authentic?" Mr. Liu reflects his confusion. Reporter visited the market, at present, Ningbo city has a "Yonghe" 3 name in two words, but also the main Soybean Milk, Deep-Fried Dough Sticks and other fast-food chain of restaurants, which are "Yonghe soybean milk", "Ningbo Yonghe soybean milk" and "Yonghe king". These 3 stores who is authentic? Do they have a relationship?

name similarity is really easy to confuse

visited the city’s 3 Yonghe soybean milk shop. In the Binjiang Commercial Plaza shops along the street, the reporter saw already opened Yonghe soybean milk shop, the shop signs prominently "Yonghe soybean milk" four words, next to a scarecrow graphic trademark, under the Yonghe two word pinyin.

from the Binjiang Commercial Plaza, Xingning road a few hundred meters, the reporter found Mr. Liu often go to the store Yonghe soybean milk shop, the name is "Ningbo Yonghe soybean milk" logo is a fan shape, with "Sheng food Yonghe" four words. And is located in the medicine on the streets of Yonghe King, the shop is on the move, "Yonghe King" four characters, there is a hot bowl and a "forever" combination of signs.

The reporter found that 3

, the name of the shop have a "Yonghe" two words, store are red as the main, don’t look really confusing. Careful comparison of several Yonghe shop operating dishes, soy milk, fried dough sticks are the main, each has 2~3 kinds of soybean milk and 1~2 kinds of fried dough sticks. In addition, there are 3 other snacks, fried rice packages, etc., the specific dishes are not the same.

it is understood that in the Ningbo City area, in the name of "Yonghe" two words there are many shops, such as Yonghe years, Yonghe, Mingtien hi Yonghe new generation and so on, so many "Yonghe", makes it hard to tell.

3 home Yonghe no relatives relationship

reporter landed "Yonghe soybean milk" website to understand, "Yonghe soybean milk" is Taiwan Hong Chi Food Co. Ltd. was founded in 1982 the brand, the company is headquartered in Shanghai, there are nearly 500 "Yonghe soybean milk" food stores in the country, Taiwan artist Barbie Hsu is the spokesperson of the s.

Yonghe soybean milk is responsible for receiving the media >

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