What are the risks of investment in 2012

for many first-time entrepreneurs who are very keen on a lot of small capital investment projects, then in 2012, in the end what are the small capital investment projects? Look at the whole network Xiaobian recommend project.

sales business books

in the new entrepreneurs, is a large part of the first venture, the lack of relevant knowledge and experience, so the required for entrepreneurship books and materials have a large demand. Suitable for entrepreneurs books are the following: marketing, management, technology, Li Zhilei, etc.. If the supply is sufficient, you can open a special venture bookstore.

wine making industry

the old book, the new darling of the market

if you have 10 thousand dollars, want to earn 300 yuan, can save the bank; to earn 1000 yuan, you can buy a stock, but have to take a risk; to earn 5000 or 1-2 million, that even people with money in the old market. Do not make money selling books." This is a book seller’s heart. We might as well from the sale of old books. Panjiayuan old book market, located in Beijing, Chaoyang District. Yow-dah a muddy land, the distribution of 30-40 stall, the 1-3 1000 books for trading, which are rare some of the oldest, people often speak of a professor to spend 1000 yuan to buy the youth between "shuijingzhu" version, I asked a young man, "you one day earn much money, 200 yuan?" the boy smiled, it looked to the between 400-500 yuan, because every day he can sell 200-300 book. If the average count, 30 stalls, open 2 days a week, Panjiayuan market sales of second-hand books a year will not be less than 600 thousand.

Huani Gallery, not only to attract students

color mud to make paintings are called flower painting, has been very popular in foreign countries, the domestic has just started. If the school or near a flower painting.

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