2015 venture inventory Entrepreneurship outbreak from crazy to rational

Tencent science and technology Xin Yan reported on December 31st

China’s Internet business has never been so hot today.

is talking about whether Zhongguancun Venture Street attracted a large number of dreamers, all kinds of entrepreneurial salon and roadshow entrepreneurs, running every day in a number of projects among investors, or such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain incubators, as the emergence of new investment institutions, these without evidence, the Internet and mobile Internet popularization and development to 2015 Chinese brought hitherto unknown opportunity.

this year, O2O has become a hot word in the Internet industry. "Sweep street" has become a special scenery in Wangjing, Zhongguancun, the start-up companies focus areas, and even the streets and lanes of the mobile Internet has not much cognitive uncle aunt, also on the mobile phone called meal, massage, home wash services have heard. For a time, entrepreneurs stampede in the field of O2O, local life has become one of the most concentrated areas of entrepreneurship.


technology has combed and studied the combination of IT platform for investment financing case orange data on all areas of the Internet in 2015, found that the local life has become one of the most occurred in the field of financing case, the financing case 425, accounting for 10.8% of the total.

however, O2O boom and not as people imagine how long, with the fluctuation of the capital market, the project capital chain problems, excessive burn, to create pseudo demand and other non normal mode in this area the heat of a sudden turn for the worse in the second half of this year, takeaway food, travel, automotive, beauty industry, tourism and education appeared a large number of dead items. However, from another point of view, this also means that the field is more rational and normalized.

2015 is the outbreak of entrepreneurship

in general, although since the second half of 2015 Internet entrepreneurs encounter the so-called "winter", but from the trend of the number of occurrence of nearly five years of financing case, 2015 is still in the peak of the Internet business.

Tencent science and technology by incomplete statistics found that, on the whole, in 2015 the total number of financing cases reached 3932, representing a substantial increase over the past five years. Data show that in 2010 the financing case occurred in 2011 302, the financing case occurred in 2012 615, the financing case occurred in 2013 805, the financing case occurred in 2014 1332, financing case 3078.


among them, in 2015, 1020 cases of Q1 financing, Q2 financing cases of 1099, Q3 financing cases of 1161, Q4 financing cases of 652.

from the data, the number of investment cases in the first three quarters of steady growth, but there was a significant decline in the fourth quarter. This is because in the beginning of 2015, the Internet field

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