2016 in the county to open what shop to make money

venture to make the seer, 2015 is to grasp the It is all up with now, 2016 investment opportunities, the new year, what good money project? The whole network for your inventory in 2016 what shop in town to make money, to help you grasp the business opportunities!

join the clothing store

advantage: today’s clothing consumption advocating personality, wear trend of leisure, diversification, personalization, Hongkong’s only this one dress, just seize the people not with others with vanity. Moreover, because you can travel on public expenses, the purchase of the fare is saved, so a lot of cost reduction, is a good business choice.

disadvantage: an obvious point, is the high cost of clothing, which had higher pricing, and love to buy clothing in the private shops, mostly holding cheap Taohuo psychology, and between the mall due to competition and crazy price behavior, it makes people see the same high priced clothing. Will have to spend so much money than to the mall to buy brand goods psychology.


leather shoes beauty shopThe main

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