Taobao shop names which words can not be used

what kind of name is appropriate, not only need careful operators named, but also need to be in conformity with the relevant provisions, so as to let the store have no. Name let more consumers favor. The day before, announced today include allowing users to confuse words not personal authentication names, including "franchise, special distribution, the total distribution, general agent, official, agent, join, authorization, direct words.

Taobao stressed: personal certification of the shop name may not contain the ‘distribution’ of the word, only through the enterprise certification and industrial and commercial shops can use bright. And the name of any store can not include official, agent, join, direct, authorization and other words."

In addition, because of the "flagship" and "monopoly" is a unique word Tmall, so it should not appear in the name of the shop outside Tmall, even if the store has been certified by the enterprise can not be used by the


so Taobao requires vendors to modify the relevant market does not meet the requirements of the shop name. If you do not modify, Taobao will be in October on the personal certification of the store to exclude the distribution of key words. All shops in the name of the store, the flagship, franchise, franchise, special distribution, the total distribution, general agent, official, agent, join, authorization, direct and other key words will also be removed.

Taobao said that the removal of keywords and does not affect the normal operation of the store, the event will be based on the local industry and Commerce Bureau to regulate the name of the network shop special rectification notice.

determination of the nature of the shop,, will be bound to Alipay account type as the judgment of individuals or enterprises on the basis of shops. Seller in the actual situation of the company has been able to apply for the name of the company in the name of Taobao store.

It is reported that

, in clean easy to cause consumer misunderstanding of the information, but also to consider how to make the enterprise information disclosure, through real name authentication sellers can display in the search process or store in search goods.

said that although Taobao shops if you want to have a higher visibility, can get more consumers, need to work, in the name of it however, this name is not arbitrary, but also need to comply with the relevant provisions of the nature. So, if you open a Taobao shop, do you know the name of the time to avoid the word?

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