See the opportunity to work for pregnant women to make millions of shampoo

as we all know, pregnant women is a very sensitive group, many aspects should be carefully taken care of. There is such a girl, after she graduated from high school to see the pregnant women market contains a huge business opportunities, so it opened up for pregnant women shampoo service. With a clever and diligent, only 22 years old, high school diploma only her monthly income of several thousand dollars.

see Ingrid dirty and messy hair, Sun Xianghong think, can let her lie shampoo, but the shampoo ward did not lay facilities such as barber shop as. Sun Xianghong thought of a way?? let her head to sleep at the foot of the bed, bed end plate removed, water in her head under a plastic bag on the ground, put on a bucket. In this way, Sun Xianghong helped him to wash his head on the bed.

The other 5 pregnant women with

Sun Xianghong when several women invited her after two days to go to their hair. On the way back, Sun Xianghong thought: less than two hours received a $50, which is usually a day’s wages. Other wards waiting for delivery of expectant mothers are also difficult to wash hair problem? If this phenomenon is widespread, why not specifically for pregnant women?

service, "free shampoo" popular. The second day, Sun Xianghong came to mch. She asked more than 20 maternal, a lot of people are worried about their dirty and messy hair. These mothers love clean and beautiful, when they heard that Sun Xianghong is ready to provide them with shampoo service, welcomed.

it makes Sun Xianghong confidence, she simply quit work, should prepare all the necessary tools and supplies to shampoo, maternal and child health hospital, started a "free shampoo job.

for pregnant women only need to wash your hair, wash clean and dry, do not need to cut the ears, massage, wash a head only need ten minutes. The next day, Sun Xianghong, a total of 22 pregnant women to provide shampoo service. Among them

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