30 yuan instant noodles under the framework of a unified instant noodles 30 yuan in January under th

a bowl of instant noodles price of up to 30 yuan is broken through your imagination? Recently, China listed a unified enterprise instant noodles — "man Han feast", price 29.9 yuan.

market can really do open it? In April 14th, the "daily economic news" reporter saw "Han banquet" in Tmall unified official flagship store sales, 16 days that have disappeared. "(the shelf) should be temporary." In this regard, a unified corporate public relations stakeholders told reporters, the specific situation to work after Monday to understand."

unity last year tasted the sweetness of the high end. Unified enterprise China 2015 earnings report, its instant noodle business revenue of 7 billion 570 million yuan, revenue fell by 4.9%, but net income of up to $174 million, out of the loss of 2014. Meanwhile, the gross profit margin increased 4.7 percentage points year on year, raw material prices fall, high surface sales accounted for the main reason.

recently, with the diversification of consumer demand, overseas products and other takeaway platform snatch, instant noodles market is shrinking, many enterprises including unity, Kangshifu instant noodles, began to seize the higher margin high-end market, hope that through the adjustment of product structure to help business transformation. Unified launched "Han banquet" is such a consideration, but the official told reporters cited the 4 online channels currently only 1 in the normal sales, the line distribution also rarely. So the move raises concerns and questions.

"Han banquet not out of ordinary experience and taste of instant noodles." Beijing Zhi from future marketing consulting group chairman Li Zhiqi told the "daily economic news" reporter, "the high price is just one of the high-end, FMCG companies currently occupy the high-end market, the quality, service, sales model, consumer reasons are also need great improvement."

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