The young man opened a snack shop to tell us successful entrepreneurship as early as possible

now society, due to the pressure of life is relatively large, there are more and more young people began at the time of graduation is going to start, but the road of entrepreneurship is not easy, the society also has a lot of successful young entrepreneurs.

this year just over 22 years old boy in Jiangxi, Zhao, is a young love toss, try not gas is not hungry, have rich experience in employment and entrepreneurship. He did a part-time job, opened a shop, doing derivative, finally, by chance, he applied into a happy star Burger Shop, due to practical work hard, learn a lot of hamburger fried chicken fast-food restaurant management knowledge in the store.

start to early

in his QQ space, Zhao will often share some of his famous incisive identity, which is a sentence is "entrepreneurship as early as possible". As an entrepreneur, he believes that the young is also an advantage, the sooner the better, do not wait for time to kill all edges and corners, but also erase the dream of entrepreneurship. During the interview, in response to a small series of young people raised the biggest advantage of entrepreneurship, he blurted out: impulse." He believes that the biggest advantage of college students is the impulse to grasp their own impulses, is an advantage.

than to choose

words than to choose, the dream will never stop. Some people work hard all their lives, but they are still poor. Why? Wrong choice. The most important thing is to choose the right platform. Choose the platform, practical life; with the people, win a lifetime. Choose to go to work, only food and clothing; choose entrepreneurship, enlarge the dream, have the opportunity to achieve success in life.

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