Yang Chenglin opened the case involving 600 million yuan of corruption shady

General Secretary Xi Jinping after the fight against corruption is very strict, the government should serve the people, pay attention to the development of events, improve work efficiency. Therefore, Yang Chenglin case of concern.

9 in the morning

3 on Sept. 7, Inner Mongolia Baotou City Intermediate People’s court held a public hearing of the former chairman of the Bank of Inner Mongolia Yang Chenglin case, opened the 600 million yuan of corruption shady. Yang Chenglin, meanwhile, was standing in the dock with his son, Yang Hai, and his mistress, Mr. Zhang Ting.

at the same time the defendant Yang Chenglin took advantage of his position, for the purpose of illegal possession, two defrauding Inner Mongolia bank funds totaling 6 million 280 thousand yuan; also together with Yang Hai and others have diverted Hohhot City Commercial Bank, the Bank of Inner Mongolia 292 million yuan for personal use, for profit-making activities.



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