How can Xiamen become five development demonstration city

Xiamen is located in the coastal areas in China, the economic development relatively early, and economic development in good condition, not only has a good geographical position, suitable living environment, there is a developed city. Yesterday afternoon, Haicang District Party committee, district Party committee held an enlarged meeting of the investment, the first time to convey learning city party spirit, this will be deployed in accordance with the municipal Party committee decision-making, innovation, striving to catch leap, five development demonstration area for the city to become "five development" demonstration city, built a beautiful city to make China model the new and greater contribution.

keyword 1

innovation to accelerate the development of new and old momentum conversion

last month, by Xiamen amoytop biological research and development, China’s first domestic long-term interferon – "Paigebin" (peginterferon -2b injection) formally approved by the State Food and Drug Administration of drug registration approval and obtain a new drug certificate. "Paigebin" is mainly used for the treatment of chronic viral hepatitis a huge demand, its listing broke the long-term monopoly of foreign similar products, to fill the domestic blank.

"Paigebin" come out, inadvertently gushing pulsating Haicang innovation driven "". Currently in a critical period of transformation and upgrading of Haicang, the implementation of innovation driven development strategy as the driving force to accelerate the development of new and old momentum conversion.

focus on accelerating the construction of national innovation oriented city goals, on the one hand, Haicang District will promote the quality and efficiency of photoelectric, sanitary ware, machinery and other traditional enterprises, extending to the upstream and downstream industry chain, the formation of industrial clusters with strong competitiveness. On the other hand, Haicang will vigorously develop bio medicine and other strategic emerging industries, cultivate new growth points, for example, the integrated circuit industry mentioned in the report, based on information and Haicang Industrial Park, torch hi tech Zone in the project investment, industry funds, personnel training and other aspects to carry out in-depth cooperation, reflects the positioning and as in Haicang the integrated circuit industry layout.

keyword 2

coordination reflects the overall development of rhythm

Southern Haicang, 40 thousand pots of Bougainvillea dress attracted Haicang, bursting with popularity.


eyes moved, Tianzhu Mountain light Cultural Festival and the fantasy world of forest "installation art lighting exhibition favorably, colorful lights of the dream, many people have come to.

people can not help but sigh, and now, more and more rural activities haicang". Indeed, in recent years, with the two sides of the Taiwan Strait (Xiamen) LOHAS Festival, Xiamen (Haicang) International Marathon and other major events covering urban and rural areas, the region’s overall urban and rural development, the rhythm of the city’s overall development recommended

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