To continue to try to stage out of business is also considered a success

listen to celebrities about entrepreneurship, to be able to learn a lot of knowledge, the main development direction to allow entrepreneurs to understand the present business, in the "chain" meeting Wang Qiang made it clear that: entrepreneurs have to keep trying, stage exit is a success.


the following is Wang Qiang speech:

you hear now I want to go home more than desire the entrepreneurial desire, you don’t want to go home. Obviously we are entrepreneurs. What are these 15 minutes to share? Let me share the future of VC, Xu Xiaoping and I are in the office where the real future. To do business, do not deviate from the investment fund, do two things, the first second were firm and indomitable endures. Grasp these two points, and finally may run out of different things.

with you today to talk about a few years, the investment community in China what changes? Around the investment, the world is divided into two sides, on the one hand, the need for money, on the one hand to provide money, both sides of supply and demand, the founder needs money, the fund can give money, this thing has not changed for thousands of years.


now? Due to the mobile Internet business platform or entrepreneurial threshold becomes extremely low, almost zero cost. What is zero cost? Recently, we have a deep experience of the birth of the network red, red is zero cost network. Take a mobile phone in the house of your own home or rent, after the meal is nothing to say a final, suddenly ten million people, do not need promotion fees, advertising, do not need anything, so zero cost reduction, makes all levels produced hitherto unknown new forms.

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