Sorabol Korean project

Korean restaurant brand so much, only the choice of their own business projects to operate for a long time. And how to find suitable for their own projects? This requires you to spend some time thinking about more similar brands. Today Xiaobian recommend a delicious Korean Cuisine: sorabol Korean cuisine

Sorabol Korean cuisine


sorabol Korean cuisine have been committed to the development of unique cuisine, strive to provide every customer offer authentic Korean delicious. The traditional cuisine based on authentic, and launched a series of special health care, and the traditional taste and flavor of international integration, let more people know, understand and love sorabol.

Sorabol Korean Cuisine:

in the development of traditional Korean cuisine; provide food color, aroma and taste; health food; create the internationalization of the four themes of Korean cuisine carey made every dish. In order to maintain the first taste of the dishes, we retained the traditional iron grill as the main tool, because only in this way can ensure that the meat will not lose the original taste.

sorabol Korean cuisine combines the consumption characteristics Chinese, carey integrate the pizza and snacks, dozens of flavor fashion drinks, with a new sales model, close to the public, sorabol Korean cuisine and is equipped with a variety of delicious snacks and drinks coffee, tea, ice etc.. Simple, casual, elegant, stylish environment for the pursuit of romantic people ran; pizza, steak, coffee, snacks make fashion people were unable to stop, when the attractive color, delicious fragrance appear in the table, your enthusiasm is not delicacy again ignite


sorabol Korean petty bourgeoisie, let you forget. Sorabol Korean cuisine to join, hot, welcome you to join

and create wealth in life!

sorabol Korean cuisine franchise:

a, franchisee qualification:

can identify sorabol Korean cuisine business philosophy, it can be used as a long-term undertaking, and can keep the good reputation and image in the course of business; have a positive attitude and entrepreneurial spirit, love in this industry; with independent legal person qualification and management ability.

two, capital and store requirements:

have the appropriate financial strength, a single investment of more than fifty thousand yuan of funds. To meet with the headquarters opened sorabol Korean food stores for street shops; shop area of 15-50 square meters.

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