30 years of age after starting a business is no later than 7 advantages to help you succeed

a lot of young people want to start a business is always complaining about their age, missed the age of entrepreneurship, not suitable for entrepreneurship. But the fact is not the case, after the age of 30 but it is the best stage of entrepreneurship, small make up for you, after 30 years of entrepreneurship 7 advantages, give your business advice.

1 sales. I didn’t love the entrepreneurial process involved in the sales section, so I cry many times, when my partner of depression and anxiety, although I am not a sale, but I had to carry the banner of the market and sales. I proved to be a sales. If you are the founder, you must understand the sales. You may not need to go door-to-door, but you must have the ability, I have not done well, because I am a bit of love, more. But I’m making progress every day, and now I understand that sales are a key part of the process of success, and I’m starting to enjoy it!

2 to meet new people. I am a very outgoing person, but in a very formal occasions will become stiff, I remember a few years ago the first time I attended a conference on science and technology of the time, I drank 2 pints of beer just dare to talk to other people, now this occasion for me is a small case, when you know "when other people like you, you reserved relieved. To meet new people, in addition to improve their communication skills, you can also know what others are doing cool project.

3 questions. Before you ask questions, listen to them. This applies to your customers, colleagues, other entrepreneurs and anyone. I am a good listener, good at listening to let me have the opportunity to ask good questions when we listen to the development of a new function is particularly useful when, our customers are willing to provide more feedback than ever for us, I just ask for.

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