Bed ten brands list

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are different, so that the bed will have a lot of classification. In the current home in bed is a necessity, choose a good mattress is very important, so, what brand of bed is better? Xiao Bian today will introduce the hammock ten brand list, for your reference.

bed ten brands list: NO.1 DeRUCCI


is the leading brand of China’s healthy sleep industry, the integration of global health sleep resources. Ltd. was established in 2004, is located in the global health sleep resources integration, committed to human health sleep research, engaged in the development and production of a full set of healthy sleep system and marketing. Design ideas from Europe, the company hired a well-known French designer Moris as chief designer, ergonomics and sleep environment into the bedding design.

bed ten brands list: NO.2 SLEEMON


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bed ten brands list: KUKA KUKA


KUKA, the leading brand in China’s home industry, the world’s largest furniture giant. KUKA since its inception, specializing in the living room and bedroom furniture product research, development, production and sales, to provide healthy, comfortable, environmentally friendly living room and bedroom home products for the global family. At present, KUKA products are exported to more than 120 countries and regions in the world, at home and abroad with more than 2800 brand stores, to provide high-quality products and services for the world’s tens of millions of families.

bed ten brands list: NO.4 QUANU

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quanu Furniture Co. Ltd. was founded in 1986, after more than 20 years of efforts, has developed into a set of research, production and sales of one of the country’s largest furniture production enterprises. The company mainly produces plate suite furniture, solid wood furniture, mattresses, sofas, soft beds and custom furniture, engineering, furniture and other products, the best-selling products, and exported to Europe, Southeast Asia countries and regions.

bed ten brand rankings: Jinhaima Kinhom


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