All of China’s top 9 hidden welfare shocked small partners

assuming a spamming employee benefits, employee violations profitable investment holdings, exceed the standard, the bus configuration of illegal construction of golf courses and costs of underreporting profits, resulting in huge loss of investment…… The Audit Commission issued 20 11 central enterprises 2012 annual financial audit results announcement, the central enterprises broke a series of problems in accounting and financial management, the implementation of national economic policies and major business decisions, internal management, and some managers also suspected violations of law.

A, food

two, PPE

"four boxes of paper, two bottles of detergent, washing powder, two pouch Persil two transparent soap, two towels, which is a small river in Beijing every year, the work of the institutions will receive one or two" labor supplies". "Our unit is more humanized labor supplies will be monetized, direct payment card." Zhang said in a bank.

three, dumplings moon cake and other holiday benefits

electronic products

iPhone, iPad these popular electronic products has become a hidden benefits of some units. A central department affiliated institutions staff said that the annual meeting held by the organization, to set up a lottery link. The prize is worth nearly $5000 worth of iPhone5S and close to 3000 yuan iPad2, and the winning rate of 100%.

art activitiesFor example,

education and training>

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