By the rich man who rented a house


you think in entrepreneurship among things, only you can’t do something in real life there are a lot of real business case is where people are going to say some inspiration, this one is a typical representative.

this is a true story, Ms. Lin is the Music Department of Zhejiang University teacher, he is the husband of art design specialty of Zhejiang University Professor, they work more free time is more relaxed, Ms. Lin does every empty after the Hangzhou major intermediary companies to find a house, she was looking for what kind of house do? Blank room downtown. But her request is to sign a contract for 5 years or more. What do they do after they find a house? There are two methods of operation, one is to split a house into a 3-5 set of Malostranska Residence, one is the whole set of fine decoration to foreigners.

there is a more simple method of operation, remember once they found a flat more than and 200 apartments, Jin Qing apartment blank room, just the landlord wants to go abroad for several years, they 5000 yuan a month down, rent for 5 years, the results of this house is refined decoration, decoration more than a month, they are listed in the major intermediary, the guess how much is the rent? 1500 dollars a month! Leased to a German company executive. Many foreigners do not like to live in high-end hotels for a long time, they prefer the atmosphere of the home, the house is a rental is 5 years, they almost easily earned hundreds of thousands of rent.

by renting out people too much, now every big city like Ms. Lin such people, some people go down the route, is purely blank rent down, 8-10 is divided into a small house different, rent to those migrant workers, "said in a little before Sanmao is recommended to rent this

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