Ten pregnant women pillow brand ranking

after pregnancy because of the oppression of the stomach, a lot of people sleep has become a problem, so, in the power of modern science and technology, pregnant women pillow was born. Pregnant women as one of the necessary maternity pillow, pregnant women can help pregnant mothers to have a normal pregnancy as comfortable as during pregnancy. Pregnant women in the Chinese market has more than 5 years of development, and the emergence of a number of outstanding pregnant women pillow brand.

with people’s pursuit of health and comfort is getting higher and higher, the pregnant women’s pillow industry has become increasingly important. Brand small combined with the brand strength, comfort, functionality, practicality, durability, reputation and other comprehensive evaluation of pregnant women pillow brand selection, to the majority of pregnant women recommend pregnant women pillow top ten brands list.

pillow for pregnant women ten brands list first: Tim

pillow for pregnant women

list of reasons: Shanghai famous brand, national well-known trademarks, patents and access to a number of pregnant women enjoy a good reputation in the industry, reputation and price double brand, the whole sales in the first 65 million, mother’s choice.


using natural pillow for pregnant women no printing and dyeing tank, high quality fabric soft and smooth, easy to wash, innovative U type /E type /H type /F designed a variety of styles and colors, regardless of the usual, during pregnancy or after childbirth, will be the natural guardian of your people.

pregnant women pillow ten brands list of the top second: happy pregnancy

list of reasons: pregnant women, is indispensable to a pregnant woman pillow. Music pregnant faith, only to focus on pregnant mother think, strive to design a suitable product for pregnant mothers, in order to y win the trust of the consumer groups. Over the years, with its own pregnancy with the spirit of pregnancy, also received a good reputation, the success of the pregnant women named pillow ten brands.

pregnant women pillow ten brands list of the top third: Hui Hong Jia


list of reasons: as the three major domestic well-known enterprises one pillow for pregnant women, Hui Hong Jiashi pays more attention to civilian design, innovative multifunctional pillow for pregnant women to mother relaxed and comfortable, relatively low price to attract a lot of attention, but Wyse Jiashi said that the future will further innovation and upgrade in the high-end brand efforts among pregnant women.

pregnant women pillow ten brands list of the top fourth: Moonlight love

list of reasons: how to achieve pregnancy 360° protection? Moonlight love carey selected high-quality fabrics, polyester fiber used as lining and filler, so that pregnant mother away from formaldehyde and allergens, everything from the health of the mother of the quasi, it is worth buying.

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