Graduation season graduation ring business booming

time will be in July, a group of students are faced with leaving the school, "graduation" two words have become these students have to face the problem. So many memorable moments, a few years to get along with the students, so many people can not give up. It is because of this graduation feelings, so there are businesses in a timely manner to launch the graduation ring, quickly gained recognition.

in February 2008, in the upcoming graduation, students around looking for work, busy wearing a gown of a photo, write guestbook, buy a T-shirt printed cards and so on, hope to leave good memories of the four years of college, I was no exception. I don’t feel satisfied that these memorial are too traditional, lack of new ideas, before graduating from high school junior high school, at that time, this is the memorial book with photos results mostly disappear without a trace.

so, I have a special idea in mind: if there is a more unique way to commemorate the best time in this life just fine! When I tell this idea to his boyfriend Xia Wei, he jokingly said: "graduation diploma, like marriage when there is a wedding photo, how do you want to commemorate?" Graduation certificate is like a marriage certificate, too orthodox, and can not always take on the body." "Ha ha, wedding ring can be worn every day in the hand."

my eyes lit up: "it makes sense to have a wedding ring when we graduate, we can also get a graduation ring ah, this is not a good way to commemorate?" Boyfriend wonder: graduation ring?" I further explained: "the same thing, as long as the different meaning, the value is different. The wedding ring is about love, love over gold, and graduation ring to express is the Memorial University time."

boyfriend nodded: "the idea is pretty good, but how can we give the ring such meaning?" I think a little, had an idea: "in the ring design efforts, such as the school badge, graduation year and other information recorded in the ring, then ring nature will have vitality!" Boyfriend nodded praise.

at the same time, I attended the professional design of keen smell of the inside of the business: students graduating each year and they are keen to beyond count, fashion, if the use of their own studies, specifically for this part of the group to design a "graduation ring", is to find a novel way to commemorate the graduation certificate in addition.

then, I put forward the idea of his own business, hoping to get his support. When his father nodded acquiescence also raised a question: "the project is good, but the cost of the ring is usually high cost, the graduates can not afford to work? There are creative products, so that the target customers can afford to go ah."


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