Fujian new loans are prohibited P2P platform loans

in our life with the advent of the Internet era, which provides a great convenience for our life, a lot of time because the funds on hand tight, submit application by some to the platform loans, but the risk is very high, but high interest so many people overwhelmed! In order to regulate the behavior of raising the public to buy a house, recently, the Fujian provincial government announced the "Fujian province Internet regulation of financial risk special" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan"), the provisions of the future P2P platform shall not grant loans, prohibited institutions to carry out the down payment loan nature of the business, otherwise it will face heavy fines.

P2P platform shall not grant loans

"plan" requirements focus on the P2P lending network, the congregation to raise equity, Internet insurance, third party payment, through the Internet to carry out cross-border asset management and financial services, the financial sector engaged in Internet advertising and other key areas of remediation. Among them, the Internet financial advertising shall not contain 9 kinds of content, such as express or implied preservation, risk-free or guaranteed income.

reporter noted that the program on the P2P net loan platform and equity congregation to raise the platform have been strictly limited, regulate the Internet to raise the public to buy a house and other acts, prohibited all institutions to carry out down payment loan nature of the business. Among them, P2P net loan platform may establish a pool of funds, not loans, not illegal fund-raising, not to protect themselves from the financial, customer commitment instead of guaranteed security interest maturity mismatch, period of separation, false propaganda, fictional subject, not through fiction, exaggerated financing project earnings outlook method error derived by people, in addition to credit information collect and verify, after tracking, credit management business pledge, shall not engage in the line marketing.

platform for the public to raise equity, shall not issue false targets, shall not be raised, not the real shares of the shares or disguised fund-raising, shall not be false statements and misleading publicity.

in addition, the real estate development companies, real estate intermediary agencies and Internet financial institutions, has not obtained the relevant financial qualifications, shall not use the P2P net loan platform and the platform to raise public shareholding in the real estate finance business.

report illegal reward available

it is reported that in the future the city of Fujian province will strictly access management. Without the approval or filing of the relevant departments may not set up financial institutions, engaged in financial activities.


financial institutions, not to engage in financial activities of the enterprise, in the business sector registered the name and business scope shall not use the principle of "exchange" trading center "and" financial "and" asset management "and" financial management "and" network lending "" P2P "" to raise public equity ".

relevant departments will implement the reporting system of rewards to heavy penalties ", according to the recommended amount of illegal business

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