29 yuan buffet barbecue profitable

people who eat barbecue buffet may have such an experience, that is, 29 yuan buffet let us eat full, he really can make money? Let’s have a barbecue. Barbecue buffet is now a popular project, many consumers have a great market, 29 yuan for public barbecue buffet price to allow more people to eat delicious barbecue, a lot of people are asking the 29 yuan buffet barbecue how much profit, we give a analysis of the following.

29 yuan buffet barbecue profitable?

we will open a 100 square meter store as an example

rent fee: 200 thousand yuan

renovation costs: 200 thousand yuan

equipment cost: 100 thousand yuan

pre purchase costs: 50 thousand yuan

Liquidity: 5 thousand yuan

consumer per day: 100

personnel costs: 3000 yuan per person per month

utilities fee: 20 thousand yuan per month

daily turnover: 2900 yuan

industrial and commercial tax: 20 thousand yuan

monthly turnover: 87000 yuan

monthly net profit: 40 thousand yuan

through the small series of analysis, I believe that the 29 yuan buffet profit has a clear understanding, which is the profit is considerable!

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