Fengtai Beijing entrepreneurs enjoy 600 yuan per month rent subsidies

in the current entrepreneurial boom, entrepreneurs in the business, the first to understand the local policy is necessary, preferential policies for entrepreneurs to ease the pressure. Such as entrepreneurs in Beijing, Fengtai, you can get the maximum monthly rent subsidy can enjoy 600 yuan rental subsidies.

who meet the conditions of the entrepreneurial personnel, in the rental business venue, you can enjoy 1 yuan per square meter per day, the maximum monthly rent subsidy of $600. Fengtai District issued a number of opinions on promoting the employment of urban and rural labor force, for the first time to give the entrepreneurial venue rental subsidies. This is a reporter yesterday from the Fengtai District human IESS learned

qualified entrepreneurs refers to registration of unemployed personnel and the transfer of rural labor employment registration, students, college graduates, ex servicemen and disabled people, the personnel who set up in Fengtai District in various business park businesses, according to the law to apply for business license and tax registration, renting space normal operation for more than 3 months you can enjoy the business site, daily rental subsidies, subsidies 1 yuan per square metre, an area of 20 square meters.

for entrepreneurial success, the government also gives the loan discount. The amount of subsidies each year in the region between 100 thousand to $200 thousand. For business success, but also led to more than 2 registered unemployed persons in employment registration and transfer of rural labor employment, and labor contracts signed more than two years, according to regulations on insurance, the government also one-time subsidy 10 thousand yuan.

this year, Fengtai District will also support the work of entrepreneurship to college students and returned overseas students will tilt, and within the jurisdiction of the Capital University of Economics and Business cooperation, create entrepreneurship Park, invited well-known entrepreneurs in the region composed of expert consultants, to provide entrepreneurship training and training base for college students, encourage students to entrepreneurship.

Fengtai District existing Venture Park more than and 20, including women’s business base, science and technology base, Fengtai science and Technology Park venture base. This year, the human social security department will integrate these resources to carry out unified management of the park, and the introduction of supporting policies for entrepreneurs to provide more services and financial support.

in addition to Beijing, Fengtai in recent years, the implementation of measures to encourage unemployed entrepreneurs in places provide rental subsidies to business personnel, also organized an annual entrepreneurship project collection activities, and conduct training for the unemployed have entrepreneurial intention, has implemented a number of initiatives, to help more than and 700 people to achieve their own business.

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