Create Youth Youth nnovation and entrepreneurship competition in Henan successfully concluded

in order to encourage young entrepreneurs to support the potential entrepreneurial projects, Henan held a Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship competition. Entrepreneurial youth through the exchange of mutual learning and enhance the overall entrepreneurial ability.

10 18, the reporter learned from the provincial Party committee, the "Youth" China Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship competition in Henan and Henan Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition finals in Puyang successfully concluded.

second "year of youth Chinese Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship competition Henan branch by the provincial Party committee, provincial Office Network letter, the letter of appointment, the office of human resources and other units jointly organized aims to build the Henan Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship show daily communication, resources docking, project incubation platform, carry out business counseling, business incubator project promotion and other services, to help young people to enhance the entrepreneurial ability, improve the success rate of entrepreneurship. Since the contest started in August, a total of 515 entries in the province, involving e-commerce, finance, food, medical, cultural, tourism, arts and other fields.

10 11 days to 15 days, the 32 participating projects selected provincial finals, through the project roadshow, field defense, judges and other aspects of the interaction, the selection of creative and entrepreneurial class consists of 12 items, and one or two creative entrepreneurship contest, third-prize competition, the final total bonus 141 thousand yuan. Eventually, the visual audio bone conduction wearable video system project won the first prize in the province’s creative class, tissue regeneration technology in the application of disease treatment, the project won the first prize of the province’s entrepreneurial class.

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