The Qingming Festival is the Nanjing Railway Bureau to increase train

annual Qingming small holiday approaching, Nanjing Railway Bureau to increase the number of trips in Nanjing, so that more people can easily go out, get more attention. From April 1st to 4 days (4 days), Nanjing (South) station, take additional buses, plus hanging expanded and other ways to increase capacity, with holiday peak travel. Plans to open Shanghai, Xuzhou, Yancheng, Chizhou and other places of temporary passenger trains.

it is understood that the Qingming holiday will bring the Spring Festival after the first big test for the railway passenger flow, but also opened the prelude to the NanJing Railway Station, this small holiday transport peak. During the Qingming holiday, Nanjing railway passenger traffic mainly in Beijing, Wuhan and Northern Jiangsu, Shanghai Nanjing Hangzhou Ningbo, along Anhui, Xuzhou in the short direction of the grave, outing travel, students mainly passenger.

passenger travel plan is strong, to return time compact. Nanjing railway is expected to send four passengers on, an increase of about 13.5% over the same period last year, the average daily passenger to send a total of 242 thousand people. Peak passenger flow is expected in April 2nd, the day is expected to send visitors 281 thousand passengers (more than the peak passenger flow during the Spring Festival a day more than 100 thousand people), is expected to hit a record high qingming.

During the

Tomb-sweeping Day railway NanJing Railway Station has plans to open 16 pairs of passenger trains, NanJing Railway Station, NanJing South Railway Station to 6.5 to 9.5. The train began to increase 10, respectively is: Nanjing to Shanghai G9261, D9531 times; Nanjing ~ Yancheng ~ Nanjing K5732 times; Xuzhou K5808; Nanjing South – Xuzhou East G9486, G9488 times Nanjing to Hangzhou; South East G9481, G9483 times; Nanjing south to Wuhu, Chizhou D9525, D9527 times.

has increased the number of vehicles to ensure that people can easily go out to win people’s recognition. During Qingming, Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway to implement peak diagram, in April 1, 4 days, to open Shanghai to Nanjing G7098/G7097 times, Nanjing south to Hangzhou East G7605/G7604 times, Nanjing south to Quzhou G7649/G7650 train on the 3 tube (weekend line).

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