Business needs to be on the front

a shop interior decoration is no matter how grade, how high quality goods, but if the facade very dilapidated, this shop will have no way to get the recognition of consumers, so that business is hot. So, if you want to open a business hot, get a lot of consumer recognition of the shop, naturally need to be on the front side of the dim sum.

one day, I went to a drugstore to buy some medicine. From a distance, the door closed tightly, there is a layer of dust on the top, the curtain is very old, but also no one in and out, people feel cold. My heart began to whisper: This pharmacy is not in business? In order to avoid eating a "cold-shoulder treatment", I decided to go directly to a drugstore. When passing through the door of the drugstore, someone just came out of the shop, and I knew it was in business. Although it has come to the door, you can think of the impression of the deserted before, and finally I went to another pharmacy.

I opened the supermarket, and the pharmacy business also has similarities. Through the purchase of drugs, I sum up the experience is: must be in the facade of the more effort, can not give a person a cold feeling, otherwise it will have an impact on the business.

went back to the store, and I made some changes to my home. Now the weather is cold, the door has been open is not realistic, I will open the door to the outside. So that customers see, at least to know whether the shop in the business. In addition, I changed the curtains into a warm color, in the cold winter, can give customers a warm feeling, let them feel happy.

when the weather is clear, I will put some of the goods placed at the door, can create an atmosphere and to attract customers. Winter and summer are different, people do not like to stay outdoors. Put the goods out of the door, people see the physical may have the desire to buy. On this basis, I regularly clean the facade to maintain a clean and tidy image.

is now a lot of operators believe that since the facade is outside the shop, no impact on the operation of the store, there will not be too much attention. Do not look at the shop facade is not good to take care of, but a learning! So, if you shop to do business, you need to work hard in the facade oh.

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