Clothing store should pay attention to what the two bottom line

to the shop name, as long as we can master the relevant skills, there will always be a lot of ways to get a suitable name does not seem difficult. In short, the name of their own clothing store, is a troublesome but very important thing, want to play a good name, first of all have to pay attention to the bottom line, to seek truth from facts. So to the clothing store name to pay attention to which two bottom line?

clothing store owners want to dress up a good name, it should be realistic, to combine the positioning and development of clothing stores, but also to ensure the credibility and integrity of the clothing store. So when the clothing store name should pay attention to what? There are two main points that all the shopkeepers have to pay attention to.

first: right and proper, worthy of the name

old saying: the name is not a regular word is not smooth, words are not the line is not fruit. If the " line not fruit " clothing business is also very difficult to make money. So the name of this name should be right and proper, clothing to realistic, and clothing shop in line with the actual situation, but also reflects the clothing business credibility and integrity.

clothing store to seek truth from facts, worthy of the name. The clothing shop name to reflect its characteristics, also can reflect the quality of apparel products, allow consumers to easily identify, and have the desire to buy.

, second,

does not boast a pragmatic proposition

Of course,

clothing name how to select the word is also very important, if the clothing names too complex, or the name was too difficult to read, it will cause side effects. The clothing store was as far as possible not to use overlapping word or words, which not only makes the customer to understand, also let customers feel that this clothing store is not reliable. And a lot of customers don’t buy things in these clothes shops. Of course the name made clothing is not good, is not conducive to communication, this is not conducive to the development of the clothing store later.

in the clothing shop if you want to be successful, also need to comply with the relevant principles, this will make the name more successful. In short, the name of the clothing store should be simple and clear, easy to understand, easy to spread. It can make the clothing shop become very good propaganda, to do publicity for their own clothing store. But the clothing name is a sign, to attract customers, they must bring their own signs do.

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