Chocolate shop new popular novel Hot pot Wenzhuan seasons

Is a kind of diet culture Chinese eat Hot pot

, there are many kinds of Hot pot, what ah, seafood, fish Hot pot Hot pot, mutton Hot pot Yuanyang Hot pot and so on, but have you heard of the chocolate Hot pot? Today the whole network Xiaobian take you to see fresh!

high often strong is fat, it has something to do with his love to eat chocolate. Almost all the chocolate on the market he had eaten, a long time, often strong enough to have a deep understanding of chocolate. At ordinary times, high and strong to buy chocolate also spent a lot of money, he decided to open a chocolate shop.

with the shop idea, at the beginning of 2006, is strong to the major shopping malls of the chocolate shop business, found that their business is not very good, is the main mode of operation is not ideal. After that, Gao Chang and the Internet to find information, and finally decided to open a DIY chocolate shop, customers do their own chocolate more memorable!

after the inspection of his half, selected business orientation, is to choose the next store location. Gao Chang will open the store in a residential area in Tiexi.

high Changzhuang store is more than and 160 square meters, rental shops, decoration, material…… Upfront investment can have about one hundred thousand, he believes in two years to recover the cost.

entrepreneurial experience: one thing contact would be a long time to get a deep understanding of such things, and have their own unique insights. Gao Chang Zhuang although it is to open a chocolate shop, but he will own taste, the experience of the purchase of chocolate added, plus a full investigation, make sure that the chocolate is different from others.

After the

he should then edge business business in the shop, some chocolate and related business edge, the other is to buy some drinks. The edge of the business is more distinctive chocolate fondue. Chocolate hot pot and ordinary hot pot, just under the hot pot of the material is mainly based on chocolate, chocolate pot alone will attract a lot of customers.

entrepreneurial experience: bianzetong. Business can not stick to stereotypes, can not dare to break through.

high Changzhuang DIY chocolate store is the first store in Shenyang City, he is the beginning of operations >

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