Enthusiastic to make business shop in an invincible position

in a highly competitive industry, a store can survive by virtue of some small business skills. Among them, enthusiastic service is regarded as a very important point. The mother’s downstairs has two supermarkets, facade decoration are good, a group called blessing supermarket, a convenience supermarket. The two locations in the area at the entrance to the same side, it has the advantage of relatively Qunfu, because he was in the area at the entrance of the nearby, or old people in and out, one hand will touch him to put on the outside of the goods, and also traffic a lot, but recently shut the door closed.

convenience supermarket is a new open, there is a distance from the cell door, because it is a new shop I have not been in, and now the group does not open the blessing, I only went to the convenience supermarket. Walked into the shop door, the female shop owner smiled and greeted me, "sister, what to buy? Look inside". I responded with a smile.

In fact, this time in and out of the

customer has many, is also "take your way" and "you go" this simple word is enough she was also called the mouth parched and tongue scorched, weight, price is really busy awy. Think of yourself when I was the owner of the suanxin, on their own initiative out of her sight. I don’t want to bring this God female owner a little trouble, I went to the egg.

egg near the cashier, I was picking up the egg, the female owner of a slightly rough voice came, "aunt, you don’t wear a hat, my room is warm, go out cold, I give you to clean down the sound" I turned and saw her in the Sorting Hat for a 70 the old lady.

she is so relaxed, so close to compact, hey aunt laughed and said, "this is the daughter-in-law, enthusiastic, good heart." The aunt is not much, but that is true, see the main shop is really kind of enthusiastic people. I packed the egg, on her electronic scale, not to speak, she spoke first: "elder sister, your 5 cents a pound egg, there are in me the day before yesterday, or the day before yesterday’s price concessions to you, you call the."

"Oh, so you’re still the price today, I know that the eggs are very low profits." She is also the owner of the mentality of her. "Ha ha, nothing, big sister, you just pick up the eggs when I have to tell you, but a busy forget it, I’m sorry!" It’s all right!" Haha, the owner and I laughed.

finished the account, I just want to go, the female shop owner called me, "sister, to wipe your shoes clean cloth."

"what"? I doubt.

"hee hee, big sister, your shoes so much mud stains, go out more unsightly ah".

? I looked down at my shoes

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