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The popularity of

electronic devices for audio applications in people’s life is more and more, the entire audio market is growing, the number of the brand in the industry continue to grow, if you want to choose a suitable audio products, but also the need for the natural market brands are more understanding. Next, let Xiaobian to introduce the sound of the top ten brands list, so that consumers can choose a really suitable for their own consumer brands.

audio ten brands list NO.1, JBL: in 1946 the United States, audio and infotainment products, the world’s largest manufacturer of professional speakers, one of Haman (China) Investment Co., ltd..

audio ten brand rankings: Dr. Bose NO.2, began in 1964 in the United States, one of the world’s first loudspeaker manufacturing enterprises, the global technology leader in the field of sound, Dr. audio-visual systems (Shanghai) Co. ltd..

audio ten brands list NO.3, Hivi Hivi: the world’s top speakers and speakers manufacturing multinational companies, the world’s leading Hi-End senior speaker manufacturer, Guangzhou Hivi Electric Appliance Co., ltd..

audio top ten brands NO.4, AVANCE crown: founded in 1973 in Denmark, the world’s leading brands, the world’s top audio brands, one of the leading European brands, Guangzhou City, the sound of the sound Co., ltd..

audio ten brands list NO.5, B& W: England on 1966, one of Britain’s best sound company, one of the most influential brands in the global industry, Hongkong Bauer audio ltd..

audio ten brands list NO.6, Tannoy Tianlong: founded in 1926, one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious sound brand, one of the world’s largest speaker manufacturing group, the Danish TC group.

audio top ten brands NO.7, Dan: Denmark’s top fever audio brand, the world’s leading speaker manufacturing brand, professional audio and speaker manufacturers, Dan Asia Co., ltd..

audio ten brands list NO.8, YAMAHA Yamaha, was founded in 1887 in Japan, the world famous brand video, one of the world’s largest maker of musical instruments, YAMAHA acoustic instruments (China) investment company limited.

sound of the top ten brands NO.9, KEF: from the United Kingdom’s well-known speaker brand, the international well-known brand sound, professional commitment to sound R & D and production enterprises, the United Kingdom KEF.


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