Where is the business will be good – cleaners

dry cleaners can provide a lot of convenience to our lives, many friends see the dry cleaners market, want to invest in this project. So, where to open a dry cleaning shop where the business is better? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.

first, the dry cleaners opened near the school or on campus. Dry cleaners opened in the school or near the campus accounted for as much as nineteen point seven percent, visible, dry cleaners opened in the vicinity of the school and campus, this choice is still based on the market. In fact, from the point of view of the campus economy, the economic circle of the university is indeed a burgeoning market in a virgin land, it is worth the traders in droves. In addition, we also found that these open in the economic circle of the dry cleaners are generally open for a long time, which shows that these dry cleaners do make money. So, it’s a good choice to open the dry cleaners on campus.

second dry cleaners opened in the district. This depends on the situation of the District, if the area is very small, the total population or the total number of households is not a lot, such as less than 500 households, dry cleaners in what place? Basically do not have the value of the development, it is best not to garrison; and if the population of more than 500 households, and the relatively high level of consumption of people in the District, then you can put the dry cleaners to the district. The benefits of the district dry cleaners is very convenient for customers to take clothes, so it is better to do the promotion of customers.

third, dry cleaners opened in the vicinity of high-grade commercial buildings. High grade commercial buildings, such as foreign office buildings, star Gaestgiveriet Hotel, and other business people to focus on the place where the dry cleaners in a good place? Obviously, in these places if there is a dry cleaning shop, it is good. However, these places do laundry business, must take the dry cleaning shop front decoration very taste and grade, but the price is not low dry cleaning, low people also dislike you cheap, so the cleaners in this place, the profit rate is very high.

fourth dry cleaners in supermarkets and other supermarkets. Supermarkets are the most concentrated areas of the population in a region, where is the dry cleaners open? Naturally, the dry cleaners in such places, is not worried about no business. However, cleaners in the supermarket, to select the location of the shop, too close to the gold position, it is very expensive for dry cleaners, there is no need to grab this position, but do not choose a shop on the corner, the location must be moderate.

fifth dry cleaners opened near the hospital. We must first clear, near the hospital cleaners which is mainly aimed at the crowd? The patient to laundry? Certainly not, the patient’s clothing is rarely for dry cleaning, nor is the patient’s family or relatives, but the hospital staff, administrative staff. Where is the dry cleaner? If this is a large hospital, then the number of medical staff in the hospital will not be less. Hospital worker

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