Ten teenagers down jacket brand rankings

children are the hope of the family, and now the child’s pursuit of fashion is very obvious, every winter to become the necessary clothing to keep people warm artifact. Compared to children’s clothing or adult outfit stars blossoming, youth loaded team on a thin. If you do not check the teenagers down clothing brand which, believe many babies start out at the mall to buy so, now Xiaobian to arrange for you some ten young people down jacket brand rankings.

"not metaphor" is confident, lively, like modern young people be enthusiastic and press on "four dress fashion, leisure, health plan, vitality, and strive to show the new face of young urban life. The selection and design of the fabric, color and style of the product are in line with the psychological characteristics of the modern youth, and the concept of fashion and health.

OPEN SESAME open the door – Fashion young boy, is from the end of the last century, was founded in France and registered fashion British youth clothing brand. Shanghai style with a unique combination of fine and fashionable leisure, focusing on the pursuit of dreams, the pursuit of fashion taste of 8-16 year old students in the city, the city elite or the middle class offspring of life quality. Around the young vibrant creativity and knowledge inheritance, creating a new concept of juvenile clothing brand.

Offside offside teenager will target consumers locked in the 7-15 year old junior partner, is the first according to the age characteristics of Chinese youth groups, physical characteristics, the characteristics of the version of the accurate and customized clothing brand. Specifically for the children and the birth of the brand, is the best way for children to grow up, "OFFSIDE" from the football term, meaning "not rigidly adhere to the original rules, the courage to step beyond the pace of".

"Coctree tree" brand was founded in 2002, is the national top 100 enterprises of clothing — > bailide

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