Fuzhou Market Supervision Bureau received tens of thousands of complaints

many people when being unfairly treated, will win people’s approval, in general, market supervision administration of Fuzhou Municipality in 3· 15 on the eve of the convening of Fuzhou consumer rights work of the press conference. Conference, the Fuzhou municipal market supervision and administration secretary Chen Zongsheng introduced the ordering and other food safety special rectification work to respond to the public concern about the livelihood of the people.

2016 years, the Fuzhou municipal government in Fujian province within the scope of the first implementation of industry and commerce, quality supervision, food and Drug Administration "three in one" institutional reform, the integration of the three consumer complaints hotline and platform, unified demands disposal, and achieved remarkable results.

"Fuzhou market supervision and administration organizations to carry out special rectification, inspection of school canteens, nurseries, small restaurants, food business operators, meal delivery units, a total of 7498 home care family meals." Chen Zongsheng told reporters, according to the "5 hair around the campus and the school canteen food safety issues, market supervision administration of Fuzhou municipality to carry out the ordering, edible agricultural products, rural food, health food, holidays, focus on key enterprises risk investigation and other types of food safety special rectification.

at the same time, the implementation of the main body of the Fuzhou real name registration system, relying on the food and Drug Administration website to carry out a thorough verification of the of food production operators. According to the Fuzhou electricity supplier 618 and double 11 Festival promotional directional monitoring; ordering also launched the net net action, check the takeaway catering service units 9831 times; comprehensive regulation of Internet advertising, private medical institutions to make use of the transaction monitoring system of the city has found the implementation of dynamic monitoring.

only allow consumers to be satisfied, let the Fuzhou market supervision and administration of the value of unlimited play. Fuzhou city market supervision and consumer rights work in the field of market regulation, to respond to people’s concerns, outstanding food and drug safety, the use of big data, "Internet plus" and other modern information technology, and actively build the supervision pattern of integration of online and offline. At the same time, in the field of services to people’s livelihood, focusing on improving quality, optimize the consumption environment.

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